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When the pandemic struck in March 2020, it became clear to the Ålanders that they must give tourists a new reason to travel to Åland. It was Disc Golf that became the answer and there were many advantages to it being outdoors and covid safe, but the challenge was to show the benefit of the investment for those who were not familiar with the strongly expanding sports activity.

See TEDx talk for the background to the project.

Since Disc Golf is free to play, there is no easy way to know how many people have played on each course.

In connection with the Åland-project, I came in contact with Mikko Tanska who offered a way to count the players live on the Disc Golf courses. It worked great, but requires both electricity nearby the course and professional knowledge to make counter installation.

It has been of enormous value for us to be able to show the number of rounds played on Åland Disc Golf courses partly for sponsors but also the community that supported the project.

Pretty quickly the idea arose how to help other disc golf courses around the world to get the same knowledge in a simple way. Mikko and I discussed and we had very similar data driven out of the box views on how it should be done. Some of the ideas which came up were partly crazy, but let's see if we will find some of those in real life later.

This is how the idea to DiscCounter start-up was born.

Mats Adamczak
Founding Partner & CEO

You can see our Passion to Disc Golf as better solutions for Disc Golf community.

Founding Partner

Mats got hooked on disc golf in May 2019 when they had as a school activity for his children's class and it has more or less become his way of exercising and meeting friends since that day. 

Mats is the person behind the Disc Golf Island project summer 2020 in Åland.

An attempt to save the tourist season on Åland during the pandemic. It became a world record in inaugurated disc golf courses. Eleven courses in 7 hours. This made Åland the most densely populated disc golf country in the world (uDisc 2020).

Mats started the Åland Disc Golf Association in the spring of 2020 and during the first year, July to the end of December, more than 40,000 laps were played on the Åland courses.

Just after a few weeks, Åland gained the reputation of being "the Ultimate Disc Golf Destination in the World" and it will be the number of new 18-hole courses in 2021 to continue that process.

Founding Partner

Passionate Disc Golfer, but only for fun. 

Mikko don't like to take disc golf too seriously and has always twinkle in the eye.

Mikko is also founder and CEO of a Finnish Disc Golf company Fribarata Ltd.

Fribarata was the Worlds first company just dedicated for disc golf visitor counter sales and installation.

Mikko is also Disc Golf course designer. He has designed example Finland's #1 disc golf course Puolarmaari frisbeegolf in Espoo based on popularity (uDisc 2020 & 2021).

He has also designed numerous famous beginner friendly courses like Oittaa Rantapuisto, Laaksolahti frisbeegolf and Lakisto frisbeepark.

Lakisto frisbeepark is dedicated for disabled persons, so that you can play disc golf even in a wheel chair.

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